About Order of St. Nick

Order of St. Nick, founded in 2007 by comedy writer and graphic artist Andrew Shaffer, is a greeting card publisher specializing in alternative and edgy humorous cards.

Shaffer started the company after a fruitless quest to find winter holiday cards that expressed secular beliefs to send to the atheists on his holiday card list. “Almost 15% of the United States population is either atheist or non-religious. To borrow a phrase from a popular religious author, these are people that the greeting card companies have ‘left behind,’” explains Shaffer.

He launched Order of St. Nick’s online store in November 2007 with cards featuring Charles Darwin and phrases such as “Evolve Your Beliefs” and “The Evolution of Tradition.”

Marketing industry maven Brandweek stated in a review, “In these new times, everyone should be accommodated in their beliefs and traditions, so there might well be a place for the Order of St. Nick line of greeting cards.”

Order of St. Nick has since branched out into other niche markets with products such as “gay Christmas cards” and “gothic Christmas cards.” The “funny Christmas card” series has resonated with a younger, male demographic—unheard of in the greeting card industry, where over 85% of customers are traditionally female.

In 2008, the “Depressing Times” card line introduced customers around the globe to Shaffer’s unique brand of humor. The financial crisis cards, featuring vintage Great Depression photos juxtaposed with statements such as "Have a Great Depression and a Subprime New Year", cemented Order of St. Nick’s status as a major new player in the greeting card industry.

Order of St. Nick’s online store now features over 120 original holiday greeting cards celebrating multiple holidays, including Winter Solstice, Christmas, Halloween, Darwin Day, and Valentine’s Day.

Contact Order of St. Nick at info@orderofstnick.com.